Free Pregnancy Verification & Ultrasounds

After taking a free pregnancy test at Hope Pregnancy Center, the next step is verifying that your pregnancy is viable. Hope Pregnancy Center provides free limited ultrasounds to verify your pregnancy, determine if it is a viable and healthy pregnancy, and give an approximate date to your pregnancy.

What is an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a very simple and painless procedure. With an ultrasound we can determine approximately how long you have been pregnant, whether your pregnancy is safely located in your uterus, and if the pregnancy is viable.

In more detail, an ultrasound uses sound to show pictures of your pregnancy to you and the ultrasound technician. We spread a clear jelly on your stomach, and then use a special ultrasound microphone to “listen” to your pregnancy. Unlike an X-ray, the microphone does not use any radiation, which makes it completely safe for both you and your developing pregnancy. The ultrasound device bounces sound waves off your uterus, and those sound waves are then turned into a clear picture for you to see.

What Can a Free Ultrasound Tell Me?

We provide free ultrasounds for a variety of reasons. Ultrasounds are an excellent way to determine whether a pregnancy is healthy and viable, as well as approximately how old it is. This information is very important to have when you’re considering your options for your pregnancy.

Knowing if your pregnancy is viable is important. Approximately 25% of pregnancies naturally self-terminate. An ultrasound can help us tell if your pregnancy is at risk of miscarriage. It can also tell us if your pregnancy is ectopic – if the embryo is growing somewhere other than your uterus. In some cases a pregnancy can start in your fallopian tubes (known as a tubal pregnancy) or in your cervix. These pregnancies are not viable, and they also pose a significant health risk to the mother. It’s important to determine early if your pregnancy is viable for these reasons.

An ultrasound can also tell approximately how far along your pregnancy is. Big changes happen in your pregnancy week by week, and a free ultrasound can give us a lot of information on fetal development. If you are considering an abortion, your options change depending on how long you have been pregnant. Our goal is to give you the most accurate information so you can make an informed decision about your pregnancy. To learn more about what your options are for abortion and how they change as your pregnancy progresses, visit our Abortion Education page.

Please note that we do not use our ultrasounds to determine the sex of your pregnancy. Some restrictions apply to our free ultrasound program.