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If you think she’s pregnant, the first step is to confirm the pregnancy and learn about your options. Hope Pregnancy Centers provide confidential and free pregnancy testing services, as well as many other support services. We are here to help both of you make an informed decision. To help show your support, go with her for the pregnancy test appointment.

Clear your mind and listen to what she is saying. Try to understand her feelings. Gather information about the available options and talk to family and friends you trust for support.

At Hope, we know you have concerns that you would like to talk through with another man. You can schedule an appointment to meet with a male Client Care Specialist on your own or when you accompany your partner for a pregnancy test.

Hope Pregnancy Center can help you in a variety of ways if she is pregnant. We offer classes on pregnancy, parenting and other practical topics, as well as countless referrals to helpful organizations.

Remember the decision is ultimately hers to make. You should be able to express your opinion, but you should never force her into a decision. She needs to know you care and you are ready to walk through this journey with her.

Stay Calm

An unplanned pregnancy can create an emotional crisis where it feels like you must act quickly. You likely have plenty of time to gather the facts and think through your decision. Decisions made quickly by reacting to emotions, without taking time to consider the options, are usually the decisions we most regret.

Come with her to the appointment. Even though she’s the one who could be pregnant, you’re both in this situation together – but you aren’t alone.  Hope Pregnancy Center will walk with you through the decision making process and beyond.

Slow Down and Listen

One of the worst things you can do is be pushy or overbearing. Instead, try to slow down and take things one step at a time. Listen to her concerns and her feelings without being judgmental.

Express Yourself Honestly

It’s normal to have feelings of anger, frustration and fear. But make sure she knows she is not alone.

Gather All the Facts

Get accurate information on each of your options so you can make the best decision for both of you. Hope offers appointments with trained specialists who can meet with you, listen to your concerns and provide answers to your questions. 

Talk with trusted family and friends for support.

Be Available and Supportive

An unplanned pregnancy may feel like a major roadblock for both of you. Pressuring her will only push her away. So be available – don’t check out. Work together as a team.

What You Should Not Do

Don’t bail – The more you run from this, the harder it becomes to think and act clearly.

Don’t pressure her – Applying pressure will only push her away, possibly into a regretful situation. You will do well to work together as a team.

Don’t forget – You have a very active role in this situation. Listen to input as well as sharing your thoughts.

Don’t ignore your own concerns and desires – Don’t tell her you’ll support her decision without being honest about your own feelings. She can feel abandoned and left to make the decision alone if you fail to be honest about your own concerns and desires.


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