Parenting Education

If your pregnancy was not planned and you’re considering parenting, you may have more questions than answers during pregnancy about how to care for yourself and baby after birth. We are here to help you take the time to address your parenting concerns and help you find the parenting education you need.

Community Resource Referrals

In addition to Hope’s services, we can help you access other community services and resources that could benefit you and your baby. We provide referrals to doctors, healthcare providers, WIC, Medicaid and other community resources. Our center provides you with a verification of pregnancy form for state health insurance. 

Empowered Parenting

Hope Pregnancy Center offers weekly parenting education classes to help you learn about how to care for yourself during pregnancy.

  • What to expect at the hospital
  • How to care for a newborn
  • Baby milestones
  • Basic infant first aid
  • Car seat safety

Hope’s Empowered Parenting education classes are a great way to meet other expectant parents and prepare for parenthood, are a safe place to express your concerns, and help you find answers to your questions.


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